Juratek Brake Discs - Exceeds Customers Expectations

As a leading aftermarket supplier, Juratek supply discs matching O.E quality, to fit Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, Trucks, Light Commercial Vehicles and Passenger Cars.

Juratek have designed and developed two distinct disc ranges to exceed  the needs and expectations of all of our customers.

The two ranges are as follows:

  • Juratek standard range- for all standard every day use. 

The Juratek's range of brake discs are produced to exacting standards in both dimensional integrity and material specifications. 

Our in house testing facility ensures that every batch of discs and drums that are released for sale have been inspected and conform to all Juratek required specifications including dimensional integrity, hardness, strength and chemical composition.  

All parts carry batch control numbers and can be traced from factory to distributor. 

In our design & development department we use the very latest CAD design technology


Our engineers ensure that all parts supplied meet Juratek specification and design parameters.

Particular attention is given to the discs venting design in order to ensure the correct cooling of the disc whilst in operation

During this development process attention is given to:


Patent Search


Dimensional Integrity


Casting Finish


Machined Area


Material Specifications


Vent Configuration 


An area of particular interest is the vent configuration as this is critical to the proper cooling of the brake disc.


Poor Quality Vent Joint


A poor quality vent joint causes one surface of the disc to have more surface area, therefore absorbing more heat and more likely to crack. A bad joint causes disrupted airflow.


Juratek O.E Type Vent Joint


A correct joint is much more difficult to produce as it takes precision to join the pillars together. This kind of joint gives equal surface area to both sides of the discs which optimises airflow and gives even heat distribution.










KTL (Kathodische Tauch-Lackierung)


KTL (Kathodische Tauch-Lackierung/ is an effective and long lasting corrosion protection with high temperature stability and an excellent resistance to chemical substances.


KTL coating uses electrochemical properties during the coating process. A very even coating can be achieved for metal sufaces and cavities with consistent layer thickness and good surface quality.


KTL coating is an environmentally friendly coating and meets the automotive industry’s high standards


KTL  coating does not need to be removed prior to fitting

 High Carbon  

High Carbon brake discs have superior casting and machining properties and help prevent brake judder as well as vehicle noise.



High Carbon disc materials have been used, very sucessfully in high performance racing environments and in recent years in the automotive market.



High Carbon brake discs have optimal thermal conductivity. As a result of their good thermal conductivity, they have inherently good resistance to both distortion and thermal cracking, both significant performance related issues.


Recommended for all Heavy Duty applications including Bus and Coach.


All KTL coating and High Carbon are shown in our price list with the suffix HC.