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The Juratek CV range of Brake Pads are amongst the best performing pads in Europe. This includes all OE types.

Please see Brake Test Data for more information.  

Regulation 90 (ECE R90)
Regulation 90 (ECE R90) is the European standard for replacement brake pads (& linings) and covers three key areas :
1)    Performance
2)    Conformance of production
3)    Marking & packaging
Regulation 90 requires that the replacement part complies with European braking requirements for performance, fade and hot performance and that its performance is within 15% of that of the original equipment fitment. Regulation 90 also sets minimum requirements for the strength of the product.
ECE R90 requires routine measurement during production of key performance parameters to ensure ongoing production continues to perform at the same level as the parts originally tested and approved.  
It also requires the pads to be clearly identified as to their origin and properly packaged in sealed boxes


The outer packaging label must be marked with a defined set of information as shown, including an illustration, application, contents and the approval number.

The box must be tamper proof and contain a set of fitting instructions.


The pad must also have the corresponding “E” mark approval number displayed on the backing plate. 
This unique code contains information about the country of approval (E11 signifies the approval was granted in the UK), certification issue number, friction material type and brake pad type providing unique traceability in service.

Download Juratek's Regulation 90 Certificate